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The Luminous Odyssey: Adler's 'The Blue Lagoon' Paraíba Necklace Sets the Stage at Sotheby's Geneva
In the rarefied world of high jewelry, where precious materials and masterful craftsmanship intertwine,...
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Bleu Royal: The Crown Jewel of Christie's Magnificent Jewels Auction
In the luminescent pantheon of the world's rarest gems, blue diamonds glimmer as the enthralling enigmas...
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Sotheby's Unveils a Dazzling Spectrum: A Look at the Premier Gems of the November Auction
In the world of fine jewelry, few events stir as much excitement and anticipation as a Sotheby's auction.
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The Pinnacle of Perfection: Phillips Unveils a Rare 20.19 Carat Fancy Intense Pink Diamond at Geneva Jewels Auction
In the enchanting realm of high jewelry, where rarity and beauty command the apex of desire, Phillips...
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